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Graphics Design
Art Direction
Technical Graphics

Graphics design for boardgame publishers

Hi, I’m Alexis Vanmeerbeeck.
I’m a Graphics Designer since 2009 in the boardgame industry.
I offer my experience and skills to make the best of your games.

Graphics Design

Creative ideas, unique designs and effective ergonomics.
Let’s make it beautiful and functional.

Art Direction

Advise to choose a theme and manage artists.
Games are not only mechanics, paper and cardboard. There are first stories and universes to explore.

Technical Graphics

Preparation, check and correction of your files before production.
When CMYK is the best knowledge you have about printing, you probably should work with a graphics designer.

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About Me

My name is Alexis, I am working in the boardgame industry since 2009.
I’ve participated to the creation of
7 Wonders, Concept, Just One, Cash’n Guns, Mascarade, Secrets…
I’m offering my services as a freelance.

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